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Let's make your Organization Future-Ready


Known for his engaging and insightful talks, Alessandro is in demand as a keynote speaker for his expertise in digital transformation and the impact of emerging technologies now and in the future.

Alessandro uniquely combines the gravitas of a professor with the relevance of a business advisor. His audiences learn how to approach their professional challenges with a new mindset as well as new toolkits, and leave the room feeling empowered to take action and make an impact.

Alessandro's latest talks include:

- Global Fintech Trends Banks can't Afford to Ignore

- A Future Mindset for the Future of Mobility

- CLEVER Organization for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

- Innovation without the Hype

- Global Trends and Future Challenges for the World's Energy

- Making Decisions with Data in an Age of AI

- Collaborative Intelligence and Leadership for the Future of Work

- Global HR Trends in the Digital Age

- Strategy in an Era of Intelligent Machines

- Is the Future of Money a Return to the Past?




In his 15 years as an educator, Alessandro has taught thousands of executives and students on six continents.

His courses help professionals grow and their organizations improve performance. This requires embracing new mindsets and changing tried and tested behaviors.

To achieve this, Alessandro creates and teaches custom experiential courses based on the latest research, informed to the principles of effective adult learning, and aimed at maximizing engagement and achieve mindset and behavior change..


As an advisor, Alessandro works with senior corporate leaders to help them steer their organizations' strategy and become future ready.

Recent clients include the C-suite of a privately held conglomerate initiating strategic reorganization, the C-suite of a bank embracing digital transformation, the C-suite of a world leader in metallurgy optimizing profitability and the C-suite of an online platform expanding into new markets.

Drawing on his global experience, Alessandro helps clients:

- Understand global industry trends

- Map incoming threats and emerging disruption

- Refine and innovate business models

- Identify untapped areas for growth

- Lead strategy implementation

How can Alessandro help

your business thrive?



As a coach, Alessandro works with a small number of high-potential entrepreneurs.


His coaching services are also suited for VC's and angel investors seeking to minimize the 'human risk' in their portfolios, by ensuring their investees have an experienced professional by their side through the ups and downs of rapid growth.

Alessandro helps the founders of scale-ups:

- Refine strategy around growth

- Prioritize strategy execution

- Manage pressure

- Remain focused

- Cultivate inclusive leadership

- Develop a strong team


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